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As with all promotional items, promotional bags are a way of creating a physical manifestation of your brand advertising too. They are your advertising message carriers, quite literally. As a result they make your brand message tangible. It seems more likely that they’ll be retained in the prospects mind. Can a bag really be this powerful I hear you cry! Yes it can! As can many other well conceived and “relevant to the consumer” promotional items.


Promotional items are proven to have many advantages in communicating compared to alternative (classic) forms of advertising. they can help to encourage high recall levels. This particularly applies to promotional bags. Furthermore promotional bags are popular – both among the companies advertising their products or services, and the end user. Leaving a lasting impression, and thus being a great advertising medium..

Several studies have shown that bags offer a long period of retention among users so your brand remains visible for longer. As a result,your advertising has more “range” with average usage at 6.8 months, and a daily “reach” of 88% compared to television advertising at 75%.

As well as range, a promotional bag offers message mobility. It’s carried around, it offers high perceived value when decorated well and the right bag style chosen, and it’s functional.




The most popular promotional bags include-

  1. The Shoulder Bag
  2. The Backpack
  3. Travel Bags
  4. Sports Bags
  5. Laptop Bag
  6. Conference/Exhibition Bags
  7. Luggage
  8. Shopper Bag
  9. Tablet Bag
  10. Wash Bag




There are a huge range of occasions when a promotional bag will work with your overall brand and marketing strategy, if well integrated. Here’s a list of just a few-

  • Exhibitions, conferences, promotional sales campaigns, employee and customer premiums, competitions, incentives and gifts, rewards and sponsorship, charity events and team events, and as part of a merchandising range.


If you want to use a promotional bag successfully, the following questions will help you make the right decision:

  • Does the bag fit well within the campaign?
  • Does the bag reflect the company or brand image well? Is it congruent?
  • Does the bag suit the target group?
  • Are the design, materials and print application coherent and do they differ from the competition?
  • Is the design and branding being used on the bag consistent with it’s use elsewhere to help build the brand identity rather than weaken it?

If you’re interested in using promotional bags for your next activity and want the support of a professional brand merchandising agency, get in touch – we’d be happy to help.

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