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Feeling Loved and Being Remembered

Great customer service always goes a long way to customer satisfaction but it can sometimes be a fleeting feeling at point of purchase or at point of service experience. Often it fades away long before the client needs that same product or service, or something related that you can offer. So when they come to re-purchase they’ve forgotten about you and start looking to the whole market again.

What we all need to do is find ways to keep our names at the forefront of out clients minds so they return directly back to us, and we can build customer loyalty and retention.

There are many ways to maintain customer retention- many of which are base around the no. of “contact points” we make with our customers – be it a timely email or letter, phone call, targeted product offer etcetera etcetera!

One way is to offer promotional products that are relevant, useful, humorous and keep your brand, and business name in front of them, whilst helping to make your customers feel truly loved! The right promotional item can help with your stand out strength in an ever crowded , noisy marketplace.

How do you do this without spending a fortune?

Rewarding customers could be as easy as sending them a little gift to say thank you for doing business with you.

Branded promotional products can make a customer feel particularly special and statistics show that over 80% of customers would pay more for a product or service if they felt they were being looked after and valued.

Promotional products can be a brilliant way to do this, especially if the promotional item is relevant to them or useful.It helps to support the feeling that you care. A little gift can go a long way to creating that “fuzzy feeling”!

As well as being a nice thing to do it benefits your bottom line as well because retaining existing customers is always a cheaper strategy than hunting new customers all the time. It costs more to attract a new customer and less to keep them.

So don’t delay, for help in implementing your promotional products strategy get in touch today!


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